All Classes

The Infant Room

Welcome to the infant room. Here Mrs Dignam teaches junior and senior infants. We choose a theme on a fortnightly basis and plan our learning around it. Our learning is largely hands on and play based. We apply the early childhood curriculum framework of Aistear in the classroom. Aistear introduces structured play to meet the curriculum objectives. 

The Middle Room

The Middle Room is an environment that enriches and engages all children through active play, imagination and collaborative learning opportunities. Physical activity plays an integral part of our classroom life and we are always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves and to promote a healthy mind and lifestyle.

The Senior Room

The Senior Room is an active and engaging classroom where each child is encouraged to develop a love of learning.  Much of our academic work is project based and each pupil is supported to develop skills necessary for their future education.  Students work both independently and collaboratively in groups.  They are active participants in their own learning.

The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Classroom is a special class that caters for the needs of child with autism.  Autism is a developmental condition which means that the way a person communicates, interacts and understands other people, and the world, is different to those who do not have the condition.

Outdoor Playtime