School Opening Hours

Our school opens at 9.20 am and closes at 3pm.

Our Infant classes begin at 9.20am and finish at 2pm.



Our uniform consists of a navy blue crested v neck jumper,a grey pants or skirt and a light blue polo shirt or shirt.

We also have a navy crested tracksuit which is also worn with a light blue polo shirt.

Our uniform is available to purchase on


School Lunches

Small break options and a hot meal are available each day in school.Our cooks cook our meals daily in our kitchen and each child has the option of choosing from 4 hot dinners with one being the vegetarian option.

School Food 4 Primary are our lunch food suppliers.


School Transport

Bus Éireann provide bus transport to our school.


School Communication

We in St.Michaels NS work tirelessly to create a happy learning environment for our pupils.

If problems arise or a parent simply wants to discuss their child and any issues that may have arisen please ring the school office and we will give you an appointment to meet us as soon as is possible


Child Protection

In order to create a happy, secure learning environment for our pupils we take Child Protection  and upskilling in this area with uptodate procedures and recommendations regularly.

We have a ratified Child Safeguarding and Risk Assessment Statement that is reviewed annually by all stakeholders in

the education and wellbeing of pupils in our school.



Enrolment is now open for August, 2022.Please contact the school office for an Enrolment form. Once enrolled all relevant information will be distributed in May, 2022 during an Open Day for all our new school entrants.


Books, copies, pencils etc

All books,copies,pencils etc are purchased by the class teacher and distributed at the beginning of term with a book bill.

St.Michaels National operates a book rental scheme to keep the cost of all school supplies as low as possible.

We have a homework diary which is free to all pupils in our school


Parent/Teacher Meetings

Parent /Teacher Meetings take place in November and May each year.

IEP Meetings(Individual Education Plan Meetings) take place twice yearly as well.

If a meeting/s are requested outside of these times they are accommodated as soon as possible by appointment.