Summer Newsletter, 2022


School Opening/Closing
Our school will close on Monday, the 20th of June , at 12 noon. Our school will re-open on Monday the 29th of August at 9:20am. Our bus has been informed. 

Our Annual School League 13/06/2022
Our Annual School League came to an end on the 13th of June with a final between Jamie O Shea’s team and Catherine O’Sullivan’s team. Both teams played at an exceptional level to reach the final but unfortunately, there can only be one winner!

Thank you to Mr. Hussey for organising our Annual school League and for refereeing all of our exciting matches.

Congratulations to both finalists and a special comhghairdeas to Jamie O’Shea and his team, winners of our Annual School League, 2022.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sixth Class
Our exemplary sixth class pupils of Neasa Davies, Aisling O’Leary, Catherine O’Sullivan, Paddy O’Leary, Ryan Jadir, Cormac Walsh, Jamie O’Shea, Sean Walsh, Bridget Galvin, Abbie Bradshaw, Alfie Burns, Bobbi Petrova and Kayleigh Casey will be leaving us shortly for Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine, in Kenmare.

We wish them only the very best of starts in their new school!  We are very proud of all they have achieved in our care.

Senior Class Initiatives

This year our Senior classes have

• Learnt how to cook with Mrs. Dignam.
• Were awarded their 11th Green Flag for Food and Biodiversity.
• Captained and lead the playing of the Basketball and Football League.
• Interacted and engaged with all the pupils of our school paying particular attention to the Rainbow Room and Junior classes.
Encouraged, mentored and supported all the younger pupils in our school who were on their teams during our leagues.
• Took part in a day long Discovery Science Workshop.
• Enjoyed the Yes to Languages classes with John Patrick Doherty.
• Enjoyed and engaged with the KDYS Transition Programme with Anne Murphy.
• Enjoyed an Open Day in Pobalscoil Inbhéar Scéine in Kenmare.
• Travelled to Dublin on their school tour.
• Entertained the school community with their individual one good idea projects.

Summer Camps, 2022. June 21st-July, 5th, 2022.
St. Michaels’ National School will host two summer camps in our school this year.

Each camp will run from 9.30am to 1.30 pm each day. Our camps are:

  • The Rainbow Camp for all pupils enrolled in the Rainbow Room. (Two weeks)
  • The DEIS Camp for all DEIS schools. (One week)

School Food for Primary
School Food for Primary is our lunch food provider.They will finish serving lunches on Friday the 17th of June for this school year.

We were very happy with our lunch food provider and look forward to working with them again in the coming year.

All new entrants to our school will receive their lunch food details before the holidays.

Graduation Mass of Thanksgiving, 2022 
We held a Mass of Thanksgiving for all the pupils of our school on Wednesday the 15th of June at 11am. All our parents, neighbours and friends joined us as we celebrated the end of another successful year for our school.

ACAT Child and Young Persons Therapist
Our Middle and Senior classes had a visit and workshop recently with Dr. Katie O’Donaghue. Katie, the author of “The Little Squirrel who worried” is  a leading expert on stress and anxiety in the young. Katie’s workshops were excellent and we were delighted to give our pupils an opportunity to pause and think about stress and anxiety and the effect it has on each one of us. This is the beginning of our campaign to be awarded an Amber flag for our school in June, 2022.

Celtic Travelling Books
The recent book fair in our school raised € 676.10 in book sales for our school. We now have € 405.66 in credit to spend on library books in September to boost the reading material in each classroom.

A special thank you to everyone who purchased books at our recent fair and in doing so contributed to our new credit!

Míle Buíochas!

BLAST, 2022
Our school has registered for BLAST, which is a new Government initiative to give pupils in National School the opportunity to work with professional artists on unique projects.

School Self Evaluation
Our school self- evaluation will centre on Wellbeing/Mental Health in the coming year as part of our campaign to raise an Amber flag in our school.

Senior Room Projects
If you want to know the answer to many burning questions about wrinkles, car sickness, asthma, vaping or even allergies the Senior Room have all the answers!

Their projects which were put on display outside their classroom on the 14th of June last were both interesting and informative and well worth a look!!

St. Michael’s National School are very grateful to Mr. John McCrochan and his team for all their hard work on their behalf. So far they have:

  • Power-washed the front of our school.
  • Power-washed the back of our school.
  • Power-washed our baskekball court.
  • Brushed and cleaned the entrances and exits of our school. 
  • Washed and cleaned all the matts on the entrances to our school, both front and back. 
  • Disinfected all our footpaths and mats.

Over the summer months we hope to complete a commercial clean of our school and to do some internal painting .

Enrolment, 2022.
We will have 14 new pupils in the new school year.
We are enrolling now!
We are still enrolling. Please download an enrolment form from our website on and come and join us in the new school year!

Kerry County Mobile Library
Kerry County Mobile Library has once again started visiting our school. We are very grateful to them for parking in our bus stop and giving our pupils time to discover the joys of reading.Their next visit will be on the 28th  of June, 2022.

Girls Football Skills Competition
Congratulations to Catherine O’Sullivan, Abbie Bradshaw and Rosalyn Van Daele who represented our school so ably in the Girls Football Skills Competition in Kenmare recently.

Laskavo prosymo do vsikh! (Welcome!)
St. Michael’s National School  has extended  a very warm welcome to all our Ukranian friends! We are delighted and honoured to be able to offer them a safe and happy space.  Our four Ukranian pupils have settled in well to school and are making good progress in learning a new language and embracing a new and very different education system.

Our New School
Our new school website is the beginning of something new for our school and we are very excited to have this new secure platform. Do have a look!
St. Michael’s National School has enrolled in the creative schools initiative for September 2022 with Kerry County Council. An artist in residence will be in contact with our school in due course to arrange a visit/visits and workshops in our school.

New Year Plans
In the new school year we hope to once again enjoy

  • Music with Peggy Healy
  • Relax Kids.A six week workshop on Wellbeing and Mental Health with Joan O Connell for all the classes in our school
  • Football with PJ Reidy of the Kerry County Board.

And we hope to have our school portraits taken in September by Tom Naiman.

As the warm summer evenings approach, we wish you all a happy, healthy summer holiday. We look forward to working with you and for you once again in the new school year.

Go n-eirí go geal libh!

Mise le Meas,

Áine Murphy (Principal and Staff )

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